You are not a criminal simply because you have been cited or charged with a criminal offense, and you have not been convicted until the State successfully proves its case. This is not the time to make decisions in order to simply "get it over with." It is time to hire an attorney, and address the situation head on.  

DWI, DUI, and other driving offenses
Driving offenses can potentially result in fines, jail time, and even impact your ability to legally drive in the future. However, the case is not over simply because a police officer clocked you with a radar gun, or because you refused to blow into a breathalyzer, or even because your BAC came back over the legal limit. Let the Law Office of Ian Michael Kuecker, PLLC help you protect your rights! Whether the alleged offense is a traffic citation or a DWI, it is important to address the charge properly in order to avoid punishment and maintain your privilege to drive.
Drug & Theft Offenses
Drug and theft related offenses can have a significant impact on how others view your credibility. If you have concerns for future employment applications, obtaining a professional license, court appearances, or any other situation where your credibility is put at issue, a conviction for a drug or theft related offense can be a really negative issue to have to deal with. Contact an attorney to assess the State's case against you, and figure out what options you have available to you.


Violent/Sexual Offenses


Nobody wants to be convicted of a crime, and even fewer want to deal with the lasting stigmas associated with a conviction for a sexual or violence based offense. A conviction for these types of offenses can result in life-long registration requirements, restrictions on your ability to possess a firearm, and much more.



Expunctions & Orders of Non-Disclosure


Being acquitted or getting a case dismissed does not mean that the record for the arrest and/or the charge are gone from your record. Any number of people may still be able to find pertinent information to your case even if the case is ultimately dismissed. It may be possible to expunge your background or obtain an order of non-disclosure from the court, and doing so would enable you to clean up your records for future needs.