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Expunction & Non-Disclosure

Being acquitted or getting a case dismissed does not mean that the record for the arrest and/or the charge are gone from your record. Any number of people may still be able to find pertinent information to your case even if the case is ultimately dismissed. It may be possible to expunge your background or obtain an order of non-disclosure from the court, and doing so would enable you to clean up your records for future needs.

An expunction completely destroys all traces of an arrest no matter how many charges arose out of that arrest. When an expunction is granted, the Court issues an order for all government agencies and departments to literally destroy their records of an offense. You can then legally deny that the offense ever happened.

Even if you are not eligible for expunction, you may be able to file a petition for an order of nondisclosure for your case. Nondisclosures seal a record from public view so that past crimes don't show on employer background checks. Although some government agencies and licensing agencies can still access the information, it can no longer be disclosed to the public.

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