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Last Will & Testament and Disability Planning Documents

Last Will & Testament

This document appoints an executor to carry our your final wishes upon your death. Your will also lays out how to wish for your estate to be distributed.

Declaration of Appointment for Guardian of a Child

This document declares who should be appointed guardian of your child if you die and/or are incapacitated. 

Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (POA)

This document allows you to designate an agent and successor agents to make critical decisions on your behalf, including financial, tax, business, insurance, and retirement. This power can begin immediately or can begin upon your disability or incapacity.

Directive to Physician ("Living Will")

This document directs the physician to withhold or continue life sustaining procedures in the event of an incurable or irrevocable condition under the circumstances provided therein. 

Medical Power of Attorney (POA)

This document is used to authorize an agent to make certain health care decisions for you under the circumstances and to the extent provided in the document. 

HIPAA Release

This document authorizes the release of medical information to loved ones that is protected under HIPAA and the Texas Medical Privacy Act.

Declaration of Guardian for Adult

This document is used to appoint guardians of the person and/or estate and any successor guardians in the event of your incompetence or incapacity. You can also disqualify certain persons from being your guardian.

Appointment for Disposition of Remains

This document allows you to designate an agent to make decisions concerning burial, cremation, etc. The form also provides for the naming of successor agents to act in the event the first person is unavailable or unwilling to serve.

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